Khel Kabaddi Contest 2016: Win Rs. 50000 worth Gift Vouchers

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Khel Kabaddi is the daily Contest you can play from Pro Kabbadi site which is sponsored and conducted by Mashal Sports Private Limited. The contest is currently ongoing and will end on 01-08-2016. If you are a die hard fan like me for Pro Kabaddi sport, you will definitely enjoy playing this Khel Kabaddi Contest daily.

How to Register for Khel Kabaddi contest of Pro Kabbadi League?

The process for registering the game is very simple and it is a one step registration with your mobile number. The password will be sent to your mobile phone (only for mobile numbers registered in India) and you will get daily important alerts on the Live Game.You need to log in with the password provided to proceed further.

How to play and what you get in return?

All you have to do daily is to collect the Daily Cards which will unlock automatically on your first login into the contest for the day.

You will collect 4 unique cards that can be of either of the many categories that have to be filled up to win certain category. To get this unique 4 cards, you need to watch the Live match on that day where the code will be displayed on Television screen or Live .

If you miss the opportunity to grab the code from Live Kabaddi match, you can grab it from Star Sports Pro Kabaddi live streaming.

Categories and Prizes for collecting Cards:

Daily Winners: Fastest 5 users who unlock the unique cards using the Daily Code will win a Gift Voucher of Rs.1000.

Weekly Winners: Win a Smartwatch by unlocking the most number of Unique cards in the specified game week period.

Badge Prizes : First 5 Winners will get Rs.2000 worth gift vouchers.

Grand Prizes: First 5 winners who unlock the badges will get Rs.50000 worth gifts.  

The weekly cycles for Weekly Prizes of Khel Kabaddi contest are as under:

  • 1st Week:  June 25th, 2016 – 2nd July 2016
  • 2nd week: July 2nd, 2016 – 9th July 2016
  • 3rd Week: 9th July 2016 – 16th July 2016
  • 4th Week: 16th July 2016 – 23rd July 2016
  • 5th Week: 23rd July 2016 – 30th July 2016

All the Contests are eligible from 7PM the match day to 7PM next day.

Other feature and important factors for playing the game:

  • There is no guarantee of getting all unique cards daily, but you have the option to trade your duplicate with other users/Players.
  • Trading cannot be done for the cards that have been already used for completing any tasks/achievement.
  • You can also get a specific card of your choice provided if you are lucky to obtain the same in trading and if that card is in trade.This option can be automatically done for you by the system once you put the card for trade.
  • There are 20 types of achievements and all of them can be found here.
  • Please note that one user can avail only one account and if you found to be using multiple accounts, you will be disqualified.

Khel Kabaddi

I have already started Playing the Khel Kabbadi Contest a few days back and really enjoying it and I bet you will also have some fun. As there is no investing of money and all, playing for fun makes it a great game that should give a try.

So what are you waiting for? Take your mobile phone and get registered immediately and try to catch me and win cards before I get 🙂

Note: If for any reason you miss to note/Grab the code of that day, Please come back to this site and find it in the comments section below.

For more details of the Khel Kabbadi Gameplay and Terms and Conditions, click here

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