Borderlands Game Overiew: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Borderlands Game

Who doesn’t enjoy playing a game that meets all your requirements? You know that satisfaction one gets when he/she plays a game and goes “wow” after every move or after every chapter or after every fight? I got that satisfaction after playing Borderlands game. And was very sad when it ended because I had to come back to reality when internally I wanted to stay in the opponent for as long as I could.

This game has thrilled me to the extent that I can never get bored of playing it; every part that came out was a joy in itself. The story of the game happens to be so elaborate that one can find something new at every turn.

The Visuals of the game is so unusual with the whole sketchy effect; it just seems pretty unique. The first thing one notices are always the visuals, and of course Borderlands game does not disappoint anyone in it.

The game starts with a video saying “Once upon a time” basically they are talking about the company ‘Hyperion’ which is owned by Handsome Jack, the best villain of all time. He has such an incredible role in this game. And he is the reason why we are in the place where we are, he actually can kill you in the beginning, but he does not instead taunt you sarcastically throughout the game. We can’t see him, but he makes sure that his presence is felt throughout the game.

We have playable characters in this game, and the best part about this is that they all have a backstory about why they are like this and what all do they have to give in the game. The playable characters have some amazing tricks up their sleeves, and they seem to make Borderlands game more fun. Like Maya, she has an orb in which she can capture the enemy and then kill him. Isn’t that impressive? These characters are not really on earth but they do have a humanly touch to them, and this touch comes from their stories. Even the ‘Angel’ in the game that guides us through the story has a past story and also plays a significant role, which I won’t spoil for you guys right now.

Selection of the background music is to the point. “This ain’t a place for any heroes” will keep repeating in your head for a long time and will become the song that reminds you of the whole game and every single part of it. And Telltale game always tries to improve the background music with every other Borderlands game.

Don’t we all want new and useful weapons in every game?

I love having lots of weapons and varieties that I can choose from; this game satisfied my hunger for that. The weapons algorithm of this game is so dope. One will fall in love with some details they have put in that area of the game. The weapons are new and rare with the level of your player, and you have gazillion choices to choose from as you have 72 levels to the top. Weapons are colour coded and orange being the legendary weapons. This makes you come back for more because after every quest you complete, you get ‘loot’ (money).

In most of the games you have to make an actual shoot, and after probably one or two shots you are accurate. In this game the more you shoot without releasing the trigger the particular you are in the shooting. Easy right? I can go on a killing spree if this happens in real. (Just kidding, don’t report me).

The co-op missions are the most fun, especially when all the players have different playable characters. The best scenario in the co-op would probably be of Maya, Gunzeker, and Axton. Maya can always capture enemies in her orb, and then Gunzeker and Axton can kill the enemy. That would be so much fun. (Not a sadist). But remember if you have high-level players then you enemies will also be of your level because they happen to grow along with you.

The levels system is good because if you want to tackle an enemy with the higher level, you can always roam around and increase your level, whereas the enemy’s level stays the same. That is the benefit of the free roam and the world the designers of the game created purely based on their imaginations and the details that were put into the making.

The designers even paid attention towards the variety of animals in this game, you will find so many animals in this game, and they will try to kill you too, plus they also have levels.

If you play the game with all the attention you would realise that the actual story of the game is depressing, and you can easily get bored of it, but Handsome Jack and Claptrap add the funny element in the story, they make it fun by their puns and taunts.

Torgue is so obsessed with blasts. And for his amusement, you don’t reload a weapon in this game instead you throw it after the ammo is out and it explodes when it hits something; then the weapon forms back in your hand with full ammo.

No game can be all glitter; this also isn’t all glitter. When this game came in the markets, it had a lot of glitches which gave way to many things, and that ruined the fun for many people, that was a dreadful thing on the developer’s part.

Maya’s power of the orb is not applicable on the bosses; she cannot capture the boss of the quest in her orb. Which at times makes it hard to play with her character.

This game is a must have including the DLC packs with 9.5 ratings.

Well, I love this Borderlands game as you must have known by now by the way I talk about it, so I hope it is crazy enough for your needs and I might sound like a sadist at times in this review but trust me I am not. Happy Blogging.

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