5 Best Offline RPG Games for PC you get addicted for sure

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We all love games, don’t we? Whether it’s on your mobile phones or PC or XBOX or Play Station, We all love playing games. To be honest, my game journey started with Aladdin; I still remember how my father taught me to play games on the PC. PC happens to be my personal favourite platform to play on, I grew up along with the PC, and one can never get tired of PC.

Due to my craze and love, I am going to write about some best Offline RPG Games that one can play, to pass the time and enjoy life.

  1. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

best offline rpg games

This game tops the list because of the way it is designed. I loved playing this game as it has so many side missions that one can never get bored of playing those and completing quests and small fights. In fact, you would have to search for missions or main quests while completing the smaller ones.

This game was released in 2002 by Bethesda Game Studios. The plot of the game is that it set in a place called Warden fell, which is an empire of Tamriel and is not situated near to the more civilized region.

The designers of the game did a fantastic job in detailing. Everything in the game is so detailed that one has to have a good reason to stop playing the game. The game has around more than thousand characters, and that adds the plus point in the story.

What I liked about the game was that the characters who we meet in the game change according to who we are, they modify the way they talk or address us. And we can always decide what we want to be today.

  1. Borderlands

best offline games

Everybody knows about Borderlands, and if you don’t, then you better should because it is just a fantastic game and how can one not know about Handsome Jack, one of the best villains of the gaming industry.

The game starts with a video about Handsome Jack and the company Hyperion which is his company. He is the main villain, but he is also the reason why you are in the game, and in that particular place. You don’t see him in the game but his voice and presence in with you throughout the game, guiding you towards him with his bitter taunts.

The game has a sketchy visual to it, which is unique and impressive. No other game has been able to match the kind of open world Borderland creates.

The choice of the background music is fantastic. “This ain’t no place for no heroes” is going to be played in your head on repeat for sure, trust me I have gone through that phase, or I think that phase has not ended for me yet. And they always try to improve the background music, which is cool.

Weapons Algorithm is probably the best I have seen yet in any of the games. They have infinite numbers of weapons because there are weapons based on the levels. Your weapon changes with level, and that adds the fun to it. There are about 72 levels. The same is with the enemies and you. We all have levels in the game; we have to increase our level and fight new enemies with same levels or lower or higher. Because it is an open world that gives us many opportunities to explore ourselves. If you want to fight a person with level 10 and you are level 9, don’t worry, go to the place, look for enemies with same levels or lower levels, fight them and increase your level. It’s a free world.

Characters are the main highlight of this game. Why? Because each character has a backstory attached to them. There reason for being in that place, their reasons for hating Handsome Jack or why they are the way they are is all justified in the game by their back stories, about their pasts. And all the Playable Characters come with something special. Maya is one of the characters, and her power is that she is captured someone in an orb and then kill them, isn’t that just impressive. I would love to have some powers like that someday. There are many more characters that you can play and discover during the game.

But one thing is sure that you won’t be disappointed. Telltale Games did a fantastic job with the whole series of Borderlands.

  1. Mass Effect 2

Released on 26th January 2010, this game shows you the world within the Milky Way Galaxy in the 22nd century. In this game, the primary objective is to gain the loyalty of a team comprising of people from different places and different ideologies for a suicide mission. Seems easy? It is not that easy. Earning trust, in reality, is easy but not while you are playing a game. It’s like talking to Siri and hoping for a correct answer. We play the role of Commander Sheppard who is an elite soldier.

The game is developed by BioWare and was published by Electronic Arts.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game is entirely based on you. How? Even the small actions that you take in this game has a way of changing the story and taking a twist, or it can open several other doors to different places and small new quests. This game is all about exploring the world around you, and you can do that by completing quests or taking up quests.

The mysteries around the place is what keeps the player going more deep into the game. So many stories to go through and complete so many people to talk to, it happens to be a very intellectual game. The person who designed the game must have thought it through and come up with the world full of mystery.

  1. Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Released on 20th August 2015, Harebrained Schemes developed this game. This game is unlike any other RPG games, rather than being a simple RPG game it is a tactical RPG game.

The story is set in the future that is 2056, and it’s in Hong Kong as the name of the game suggests. The main story of the game is that the player happens to be an orphan and he is with his friend Duncan, and then one day they are taken in by their foster father, Raymond Black.

I didn’t like this game much, but it’s good to give new things a try, and it’s no harm done. What if you enjoy it?


That is it for today. Hope you have a fantastic day and keep playing Offline RPG Games. But make sure you study as well. Happy Gaming. If you would like to share about any other good Offline RPG Games that you found worth mentioning, please do so in the comments section below.

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