Best Board Games for Adults: Say Bye Bye to Boredom!
What I personally believe is that games have made us the way we are, remember monopoly? God I can’t ever forget that game because of the number of times I have actually played that game. I still remember how my whole family used to come together to play the game of Monopoly. My father and… (0 comment)

Corporate Team Building Games that you definitely need to play
Team building games are a great way of promoting communication, motivation, productivity, and knowing about their working companions’ strengths and weaknesses. Whether it a large or small business, corporate team building games or activities are useful for any business, to encourage better teamwork in the workplace. Great teamwork is a crucial factor related to a… (0 comment)

10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android
Strategy games are among the oldest games in human history, whether it is board games or some card games or chess. We have been playing strategy games long before the invention of computers. Since then, no matter how much the strategy games have evolved, but the basic principle of using your brain to defeat your… (0 comment)

Borderlands Game Overiew: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Who doesn’t enjoy playing a game that meets all your requirements? You know that satisfaction one gets when he/she plays a game and goes “wow” after every move or after every chapter or after every fight? I got that satisfaction after playing Borderlands game. And was very sad when it ended because I had to… (0 comment)

Kabaddi World Cup 2016 – Complete match schedule
2016 will witness the 3rd installment of the Kabaddi World Cup. All the World Cups were hosted by India, where the 2004 World Cup was held in Mumbai and took place in Panvel in 2007. The Kabaddi World Cup 2016 is being hosted at Ahmadabad, with matches kicking off from 7th October. Many countries are… (0 comment)